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Sustainable Customised Corporate Door Gifts

Create Your Own Wrapping 


For getting started send us a request via sels@hellochocolate.asia and we will get in touch with your within the next 12 working hours to instruct you how to place your order. 

About the gift 

This option is a great option for thoughtful door gifts, party favours, wedding gifts, party gifts, and baby shower gifts. This customisable wrapping sleeve comes with three delicious round-shaped chocolate bars flavoured with peanut butter, golden berries and tropical spices. You can create your own design of the sleeve or ask us to create it for you for a small additional charge of just 100$. If you're unsure where to start, just send us a short request to sales@hellochocolate.com and we will address it within the next 12 hrs. 
Bean-to-bar or craft chocolate is a revolutionary concept that has been drastically transforming the chocolate industry. Craft chocolates deviate from mass-produced chocolates in that they represent only the finest and most natural ingredients, can contain rare varieties of cocoa beans, ascertain environmental conservation, and emphasize positive social impact by ensuring a sustainable ecology, community, and economy. Additionally, craft chocolate bars are exceptionally delicious and pure, relatively healthier than mass-produced chocolates, and both the bars and packaging are always beautifully designed.
About Hello Chocolate: In small and humid Singapore, Hello Chocolate creates beautiful, delicious and sustainable gifts and offers seamless chocolate delivery with great service. Each and every day, our gift wizards carefully pack unique chocolate gifts whose deliciousness enhances the mood of gift recipients for many days after they receive their treat. Our chocolates, just as they were hundreds of years ago, release their extraordinary bouquets of fruits, nuts and flowers embedded in a finished chocolate bar. We carefully source only the best-handcrafted bars from the world's best chocolate makers.     
2 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm
Get our Customization Guide for preparing your artwork by sending us a request to sales@hellochocolate.com.  Please provide us with your order detail stating the required number of gifts, deadlines and other conditions.
Have a question? Our Customer Experience Team are gift experts. Call us at +65 65731025 and we'll be happy to give you the recommendations you need.